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Why Are Perfume Oils So Popular

Perfume Oils is a big trend modern which is here to stay. They are very popular with high street brands and the big names are cashing in on it. Perfume houses such as The Perfume Shop, The Fragrance Shop, Body Shop, Topshop and fine chemists and pharmacies are stocking your favourite perfumed oils more than ever before.

Perfume fragrance oils are not made with animal by-products like other brands. The oils are plant based and ethical sourced. They are not tested on animals and do not contain alcohol.

Diamond Essence perfume oils keep your skin moist and locks in the fragrance for much longer.

There are also so many different types of oils for the different moods you want to be in.
Oils are more compatible with the body’s natural odour, and smells better the longer it stays on the skin.

There’s the private smell, which you can select so only you can detect it, and enjoy it no one else is privy to it but you.

There’s the subtle smell which is shared and enjoyed but is not overpowering to others. There’s the smell which helps to empower you, gives you confidence and personal self esteem.
As well as the fragrance that keeps you calm and helps relax you like lavender, Egyptian musk, rose and many others.

In order to help your fantastic perfumed scent last even longer on your body, apply coconut oil or petroleum jelly on your skin then rub the perfume oil where you want the fragrance to come from.

The base oil will help keep it on top of your skin, so it’s not easily absorbed, and if you need to wash off or remove the scent from you it will be far easier for it to come off.

Alcohol is not good for your skin because it dries it out, and leaves it vulnerable to itching and irritation.
In order to spread the perfume through the air, the alcohol must evaporate, which also removes the skin’s natural layer of moisture.

Order your perfumed oils now, smell good, feel good, feel great!

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