men in desert with perfume oils

A Brief History Of Perfumed Oils

The Egyptians were the first ancient people to create perfume. They used perfume in everything and every feature of life and death.

Perfumes were used for bathing, and daily wear in which both men and women took part. It was also used as a status symbol in which the rich and elite would wear them in order to distinguish themselves as the luxurious ones in their society.

The Egyptians used to perfume and embalm the bodies of their dead for burial, and it was commonly used in their religious ceremonial duties and rites.

The ancient Egyptians were famous and leaders when it came to international trade with perfume oils which were kept in alabaster bottles in order to keep its original fragrance and composition, whilst travelling.

It was considered as a precious substance and was given as gifts to royalty and the rich would honour their guests by giving them luxurious perfume oils as gifts when they were about to leave their homes.

Perfumes were also used by the Babylonians in Mesopotamia, they were made from flowers, trees, herbs and was used with honey and they even used distilled water.

The ancient Greeks were also connoisseurs and great lovers of perfume oils both men and women wore oils they will also one of the first to put them in baths too.

Perfumery is considered one of the oldest, hardest, and most respectable jobs in history. Islamic culture was the main reason for the development of Western perfumery.

The usage and the spread of perfume oils continued to spread globally and it spread to Asia, Europe by way Greece and France, until the industrial age, in that era perfume began being produced synthetically, and the use of alcohol was added which caused the price of perfumes as we know it to drop dramatically.